Our company is a customer-oriented organization and our priority is setting standards as per the
client’s requirements and expectations.
On award of a contract, Our Managing Director together with our Business Account Manager hold
discussions with the client on the service parameters that they would like to receive as a bare
minimum. This constitutes the bulk of the service level agreement which is mutually signed. We go
ahead and research on Global Travel trends which we incorporate into our Service Provision from
time to time, with the client’s consent.
The Service Level Agreement is enforced by the Senior Travel Consultant assigned to the Client on
the ticketing elements while the Business Account Manager ensures that the service delivery is
smooth running.
The following are some of the Key Performance Indicators that summarize the key areas that we
focus on while managing similar contracts.
 Provision of suitable staff for the management and handling of clients account, 100%
 100% compliance to the client’s travel policy.
 100% negotiating and offering best fares, Convenient and Most direct fares at all times.
 Quick response time to all enquiries, at most 30 Minutes after receipt of enquiry – 100% of the
 Compliance to the clients preferred hotels and hotel rates, 100% as the minimum accepted.
 Provision of suitable staff for the management and handling of clients account, 100%
 Timely refund processing, at least 100% of all refunds are processed within the agreed time of
not more that 45 days.
 Written response of Customer Complaints within 48hrs and conclusive complaints resolution
within a month, at least 100% of all complaints received.
 Consistent Account Management in respect to adherence to the weekly, bi-weekly or
monthly review meetings, 100% compliance.
 Seamless service with our transport department, a 100% pickup record

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