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We offer proper packages to our clients.

Our Vehicles (Fleet).

Silvach Adventures embraces itself as the market leader in provision of the best and well-maintained vehicles in the industry. For the purpose of this RFQ, we have access to a fleet size of 42 vehicles ranging from: -

  • Saloon Cars
  • Noahs
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • 4x4 wheel drive
  • All the vehicles we propose are in good mechanical condition, and kept exceptionally clean i.e. the vehicles will have pleasant external and internal appearance. In addition, the vehicles will have met the government regulations for passenger service vehicles (P.S.V.) under the laws of Kenya.

    They shall include: -

  • Valid Insurance Cover (comprehensive) from a reputable organization.
  • Valid P.S.V certificates.
  • Valid vehicle inspection stickers.
  • Valid music copyright licenses.
  • Valid TLB stickers for the vans and buses.
  • All vehicles inclusive of replacement vehicles will have the following additional items in the vehicles: -

  • Fully equipped first aid kit.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Spare wheel.
  • Jack.
  • Safety & Security measures

    Through our Coo Track GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System, we are in a position to ensure our clients are safe at all times through the installed tracking devices in all our vehicles. The system enables us to extract reports on historical statistics of the vehicle dating 3 months back from the date of the query. In addition to the capability of providing real-time displays of the vehicle’s whereabouts, we also compute the average speed of the vehicle and route used, which ultimately guides in traffic management.